42Clouds: Sauri

A mobile app that makes it possible to obtain necessary information from your accounting system against a particular query in readable form.

  • Promptly extract data from the accounting system to your smartphone or tablet.

  • Enter information through voice input or text input.

  • Create documents in the accounting system by photographic events recording.

  • Extract necessary information about deadlines, efficiency and company's results online.

  • Build reports and visualize analytics in graphical form.

  • Set tasks and log events using voice input.

  • Integrate Sauri's functionality into your applications and develop customized user interfaces.




Ask Sauri to log transportation costs; ask your employee to generate a sales report; pay your bills anywhere.

  • Schedule a meeting with Nicholas

  • Give a task to Douglas Zeltzman to generate a monthly report

  • Give Eric access to HR documents.

  • Record transportation expenses, 200 $. Shell



The application provides answers to questions that require analytical data processing.

  • What documents are required for paying tax?

  • How do I increase sales?

  • Shortage is expected in warehouse No.3.

  • Due to termination of employment, revision of system requirements is possible.


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