42Clouds: Recognition42

Recognition 42 is a service for 100% recognition of texts, images, voice, dialogues, accounting records and hand-written documents in editing electronic formats. Recognizes everything a man can understand!

Capabilities of the service:

  • 100% recognition of any information (photos and scanned images, xls and xlsx files).
  • Recognition of handwritten and printed text.
  • The result of recognition is an xml representation.
  • Availability of a processing center ensures correct recognition.
  • Availability of Rest API allows integration with any web services, mobile applications and corporate systems.

You can use the service:

  • In the accounting system of your company for improving QoS and reducing costs of data population.
  • In creating your own product that needs a function for extracting information from photos and scans of images.

What documents can be recognized?

Payment and account documents

  • Invoice
  • Bank check
  • Acceptance certificate
  • Payment order
  • Bank transfer order
  • Due claim
  • Requisition Slip
  • Certificate of incorporation

Personal documents

  • U.S. Passport or passport card
  • Foreign passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Diploma
  • Airplane ticket, train ticket
  • Business card
  • Driver license
  • Сertificate of title for a vehicle

Stages of service operation

In order to use the service in your project, you should connect to it using an API. This software interacts via a secure https protocol.

api recognition recognition service

Importing pictures

Recognition and verification

Exporting data

A user scans or makes a photo of a document, and uploads the file to the recognition server via API Recognition42. Recognition, conversion and exporting result preferences can be adjusted as well.

The system automatically recognizes and extracts the information specified by the user. When necessary, it additionally verifies via BrainCenter algorithms and makes it possible to achieve 100% correct recognition results.

The recognition result is sent from the server in grouped view in XML, PDF or JPG formats, with further software processing on the client device (mobile device, a web service, or in the accounting system).

Request a demo access to the API and give the service a try!

Examples of models of using the service:

Paying a bill via the mobile interface