Dedicated Team

Dedicated team of developers, architects, designers and testers – is a profitable and convenient business practice for companies in need of highly qualified and skilled experts in the field of web services, mobile solutions, desktop apps, databases and client-server applications.

We hire programmers for you, as well as take full charge of all the problems related to staff recruitment, employment paper work, payroll and tax matters. Under our outsourcing services (lending out our developers), we provide .Net, MS Azure, MS Visual Studio, PHP, С++, Python, Java, iOS and Android experts to you.

  • 165 years

    that is the combined professional experience of our developers!

    We provide a team of professional developers (programmers) with solid experience and deep knowledge in their field.

  • 3500 tasks

    have already been successfully executed by us.

    You can use our development management system to set your priorities and manage the development process.

  • 2 weeks

    the average waiting time before developers begin working on your tasks.

    You can launch your project quickly.

  • 1 year

    is the average length of contracts.

    You can hire a developer both for a short period (when your regular personnel is absent) and for a longer period (if for whatever reason, you can’t hire a full-time developer).

Who Needs Us?

corporate bisiness startup expert

If you have a company system and need a competent IT architecture, object architecture, usability and project interface design.

If you are a startup director and you need fast and quality project development with a well-thought structure and friendly interface.

If you need an expert for a project that requires an urgent task solution or fast implementation.

Choose a developer according to your tasks

Web Development

Partnership with us will let you:

Get an opportunity to start your project fast due to our employees’ motivation for results.

Control the development process, set tasks, and define priorities.

Optimize and manage business processes effectively.

Focus on the processes crucial for your company.

Get your own team of professional specialists with broad experience and excellent knowledge in the sphere of development.

Decrease the load for the human resources department in terms of specialist search and education.

Trust us with your development needs and you receive a quality product, professional service and 24-hour tech support!

Not sure what expert exactly you need?
Consult us and we will find a suitable expert to you!