Our history and experience

The international Company Efsol, founded in 2004, is one of the leading system integrators in the area of information technology and development.

In 2009 the company created the "42Clouds" project for the development of small and medium business, making it possible to automate the business processes of customers and provide stable and high level support. Furthermore, the development of the project has enabled the creation of a general system that allows access to our effective technology, algorithm, and data structures for other IT companies and private developers for their projects and solutions.

ABBYY, NeuHaus Group, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Meibes are some of our long-term, large-scale customers and partners of the company.

The knowledge and experience gained from our many years of work has allowed Efsol "42Clouds" to undertake tasks of a differing nature and complexity, such as the development and adaptation of complicated information systems, the creation of mobile phone applications, high-traffic Web services, databases, and desktop applications.

Ilyas Zinger

Managing Director

He has 15 years of experience in this area of management systems and the development of software products.

He is the driving force and generator of new ideas for new development. His mission is to provide quality customer, company and employee growth.

  • 10 years in business
  • 450 successful projects
  • 3460 negotiations
  • 500 customers and partners
  • 350 employees

Social work

Right from its foundation, the company has been geared towards the creation of products and solutions that are beneficial to society. We strive towards making our activities conducive to the development and prosperity of both small and corporate business.
  • The company regularly acts as an information partner and sponsor to different industry and innovation conferences, forums and exhibitions.
  • In 2014 the company won the tender for the development of an innovative software product for corporate purposes with the use of modern multilayered architecture and integration in different company accounting systems.
  • The company has undertaken considerable research in the field of semantic recognition and speech synthesis for building voice interfaces.
  • Each year, the Managing Director takes part in conferences that are dedicated to high performance computing.

How do we differ from competitors?

Work Effectiveness.

Our company is continually adding new possibilities, constructing well-established processes, and allowing our customers to build their business with confidence in the future, in order to receive a competitive advantage and save time.

Results Oriented.

We like to research the data provided at the pre-project design phase, in order to set precise goals to quickly achieve results and correctly develop technical solutions.

Beneficial to society.

We perform our work so that you will recommend us to your friends. We are aware of our social responsibility and we set an example for others.

Developing talent.

Our company is continually collaborating with universities, uniting the experience of our employees with the energy of young people.

Sharing resources (open source).

We allow other companies and developers to use the work technology of certain software for free.

Kanban Development.

One of the basic management methods is based on the production system of Toyota and the principle of Kanban Development, which enables companies to implement projects exactly according to schedule.

Our achievements

1st Place Nomination for "Best company in the development of high-traffic services" in 2014.

Participant in the program of innovation development "Golden Idea".

The system of quality management of the company is certified according to international standards ISO 9001:2001.

In recognition of cooperation in the area of professional and social interests, the company was presented with the award "For a notable contribution to the development of information systems".